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Our beliefs

We believe happiness comes from learning, we learn something new everyday.
We don't believe in gifted people, we train our brain everyday just like you do a muscle.
We believe knowledge belongs to humanity. We charge only for what we do never for what we know.
We believe in kindness and collaboration. We give out our sources like most do in the open-source.
We don't believe that exist things of little importance. We take time on every single step, we care about every detail.
We are not looking for glory, big brands or Fortune 500. We work with people just like you.


Yeshi Silvano Namkhai 

Daria Mikhaylova 

  • Born in Italy -1970
  • Studied philosophy and computer science
  • Worked as IT expert, SAP consultant, project manager, software programmer, pre-sale manager and lecturer
  • Speaks Italian, English, French (studied German and Spanish)
  • Photographer
  • Plays jazz and builds stuff
  • Actual interest are science of teaching and learning, robotics and data science
  • Born in Russia -1985
  • Studied political science
  • Worked as analyst, editor, copywriter, communication officer, event manager and food consultant
  • Speaks Russian, English, Italian (studied Spanish and French)
  • Chef
  • Performs modern dance and bakes bread
  • Actual interests are education technologies, communication and design

Our core competencies

We propose four main area suitable for personal and professional development.

  • Business processes and industries best practices
  • Innovation, disruption
  • Strategic, evidence based
  • Project planning, execution and performance
  • Communication, cognition
  • Thinking, computing, creativity
  • Learning, teaching, curiosity
  • Vision, leadership, inclusion
  • Enterprise software selection, customization, full-cycle development
  • Reporting, data and business analysis, data mining, big data
  • Prototyping, simulation, robotics, AI
  • Open source
  • Graphic, interactive, experience, web
  • Advertising, promotions, product
  • Multimedia, photography, video, sound
  • Information, thinking, instructional, game

What we have done so far

HEXAGON started at the end of 2008, since then we did many things here are some of our projects.


CanaryCompany is a family of travel artisans from La Palma, that do all to make clients fall in love with the island as they once did. This is a full restyling project, we started from fixing errors and improving their business procedures, then we created a compelling identity and logo, a narrative, a modern looking website and eventually illustrations.

canarycampany signboard
canarycampany email
canarycampany form


EvoClinic is a clinic in Kiev specialized in reproductive health and aesthetic medicine, we helped in creating a unique identity on characteristics of the owners, in developing an effective commercial offer, in building the website.

evoclinic website
evoclinic logo
evoclinic surgery


Dzam is the shop of Merigar, this is a full restyling project. We started from identity, logo, items and pictures, website, printed catalog, email marketing and finally interiors, bags and signs of the shop.

Ganzen & Lyndina

A.Ganzen and N.Lyndina are designers from a Russian historic apparel company famous for paltò, we helped to actualize their education, improve their fashion design process and sketch season catalog.

ganzen & lyndina cover
ganzen & lyndina slide
ganzen & lyndina website


CusiousIT is an IT company of K.Runduev specialized in mobile apps, we helped with strategy, project management, commercial offer and graphic design.

curious it website
curious it logo
cusrios it event

Oles Maniuk

O.Maniuk is a business coach that takes from the ancient discipline of Tai Chi, we helped with logo, commercial offer and website.

Maria's good food

Maria's good food by E.Paolone was a deli of handmade Italian food and pasta in UK, we helped with the budget and identity.


Karpus a is a family farm from a remote village in Ukraine, nice people with the love for their land and the ambition to become a high-tech bio farm. We helped this transition creating a lasting identity, improving their ability to sell and exposing their business over the Internet. Today they are known to be the first to introduce community supported agriculture in the country.

Open source

Few tools we used for our trainings, for everyone to download. Here you find KUDIR (Russian ledger of income and expenditures), a flat design Weebly tutorial, TIMECARD (time billing), a decision matrix, a flat design Google Sites tutorial and a DTP Scribus tutorial.

Simple pricing, no obligation

We work remotely on a daily basis charging € 168, that is € 21 per hour.
We offer content production (all kinds of content in digital format like writing, drawing, music, video, photo and many more), research or study (inquiry and systematic review over internet, public and private repositories, different languages and industry sectors), technical setup (work with different technologies, remote setup, manage and deliver), project management (full project life cycle, common methodologies and performance management), reporting (technical and scientific writing, business and management reports, statistics and data mining), design (graphic, product, web, interaction, business process, software, instructional), programming (full cycle development using common languages and paradigms).

As far as possible we prefer to work with open source technologies and cooperate actively in the community.


We use a lot of open source software, we would like to send a big thanks to the amazing projects appearing on our website and the thousands of contributors that help make open source great!

To design and code this website we used: Pure.CSS, Font Awesome, HTML5shiv, ASAPH micro blog, Sozi, Share Button Generator, Simple-PHP-Captcha.


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We treat your data with care and respect.
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We use your information only for the following purposes:

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  • to give you possibility to book autonomously a place in a lab (or any other activity) with our online booking system.
  • to analyze interest and participation in our activities and better organize labs and other events.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties only for accounting procedures or to respond to lawful requests by public authorities.
Your name and last name are visible to the public on the page dedicated to booking a lab (which is not indexed in the searches) for a short period, from the beginning of booking until the first day of lab.
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