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We are all able to think, some of us to conceive innovative ideas but for all it is difficult to translate ideas into artifacts.

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We are passionate about learning.


We are committed to self-development by continuous learning, encouraging others, learning by teaching and looking over our profession. We offer our competencies to those wishing to improve their life.


We offer opportunities for experiential learning. We teach adults critical thinking, computational thinking and foster creativity using digital technologies such as games, apps, languages and learning tools.


We offer tailored training for individuals and small groups to grow talent and develop professional skills. We design and make tools for specific needs.


We create brand identity and value proposition. We do marketing, websites, printed materials, software and we write. Have a look at our projects.


Lab03: what makes us better people?

Now we are running the third of a series of three labs it is time to be reflective, and when we question ourselves, then we go to the origin of our knowledge to better understand mathematics, computation and study complexity, optimize, process signals and use other languages like the visual one.

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amplifier switch

We do learning labs.

Our learning lab is an intellectual amplifier that enables participants to figure out what matters, prioritize, exclude the unnecessary. Sort, organize, process ideas to make them artifacts. Finally it is a chance to experience new ideas, innovative methods, foster creativity and have fun together.

What purpose does it serves?

Learning means many things, and among them we think is essential to be active to knowledge, therefore not to receive information passively but give a form to it. You can think of the production of personal knowledge as a conquest that requires adventures and bravery. Also it serves to adapt faster to changes, better understand diversity and pluralism, extend one’s own skills in various fields such as the digital world. Develop working and personal knowledge.

Who is it for?

For those who know their habits, for example those who have prejudices and want to remove them. For those who want to express themselves fully but do not have sufficient tools. For those who see something even better and they want to improve themselves. For all those who know how to play.

How does it work?

We form a small group of people and we meet for two days in a place, an appropriate space in the city or online. We all have a free weekend, paper, pen, laptop and speak at least one language between English, Italian, Russian or Ukrainian.

We want to help you enrich your life.

Ask to learn with us or hire us

We offer our work at affordable price, and we charge only for what we do, never for what we know.

Sometimes we write news and reflections to our friends, join our mailing list.

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50126 Florence (FI)

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